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What is Mfun?

Recent Events

Blockchain Indo 2018, Jakarta

16 May 2018

Mfun Media Conference, Jakarta

5 June 2018

VIP Ramadan Iftar, Jakarta

7 June 2018

TokenSky Blockchain Conference, Tokyo

4 - 5 July 2018

BEKRAF Game Prime 2018, Jakarta

13 -15 July 2018

Beyond Blocks Summit, Seoul

17 - 18 July 2018

FinWise Blockchain Summit, Hong Kong

10 - 11 August 2018

Best New Blockchain Technology - Mfun

Bloconomic Blockchain Economic Summit, Kuala Lumpur

16 - 17 August 2018

Blockchain Cocktail Party, Singapore

19 September 2018

Block Community, Jakarta

22 September 2018

Make It Fun Game Development Competition Gathering

13 Oct 2018

The Problem

$1 Ad Spend
Developer/ Publisher
Advertising Platform
Game Providers cannot get good return on ad spend
Hope for the best
$1 Ad Spend
Gamers are not rewarded for time spent on games
$0.60 - $0.90 received
Developer/ Publisher
Game Providers receive payment 30-90 days later after paying payments provider
Third Party Payment
$1 In-App Purchase

South East Asia Gaming Market

3rd largest region in Asia
Fastest growing gaming market
650 million people
300 million gamers
130 million gamers in Indonesia
$495 million spend on games in Indonesia

What Makes Mfun Special?

A more balanced and efficient game economy

Get Rewards For Playing

Earn Mfun tokens while you play. Use them for your in-game purchases across any other games or monetize your in-game efforts.

Bypass Middlemen

No more guess-vertising! Game developers and publishers can now maximize their return on ad spend (ROAS) and acquire gamers more effectively.

Safeguard Your Privacy

Only your mobile number is needed for verification.

Propel the Local Gaming Industry

Mfun wants to capture more value from the gaming ecosystem and redistribute that value to gamers and local game providers. Mfun has secured exclusive partnerships with top local game providers in Indonesia with access to over 23 million gamers.

The Benefits

A blockchain platform that is fun yet secure

For Gamers

Get rewarded for time spent in-game
Earn extra tokens by opting in to additional tasks
Safeguard personal privacy

Game Developers & Publishers

Advertise more effectively
Save on transactional fees
Capture more value from the ecosystem

Mfun Ecosystem

More rewards.

Better reach.

More balanced and efficient gaming economy
Power to gamers and game providers
Foster a stronger game community

Our Team

Industry leaders with experience in Technology,

Gaming and Business Operations.

Jason Lim

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Marketing Officer

Larry Meng

Chief Technology Officer

Alice Chan

Chief Financial Officer

Jaka Kristandi

Business Development Director

Strategic Partners

Top providers of gaming and media content in Indonesia with +23m gamers

Featured In

Mfun has been featured in a number of articles, a number of which you can see below