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Play and be rewarded

The longer you play, the more Mfun tokens you will be rewarded. Gamers can now monetize their time spent on games. They can even choose whether to do additional tasks to earn rewards. No more being forced to do what they don’t like. Make it fun!

Zero personal data

Unlike other rewards system which require you to submit personal information such as identification number, credit card and bank account number, Mfun is built on blockchain technology and will only ask for your mobile number for verification. This means no possibility of a personal data breech.

Bypass middlemen

Game developers and publishers can now bypass middlemen to more effectively acquire new gamers. They can channel their current advertising spend into directly rewarding gamers with Mfun tokens. This way, gamers are more motivated to play more or try new games.

What makes us special

Mfun aims to be the largest rewards ecosystem in South East Asia starting with the gaming industry in Indonesia. According to Newzoo, Indonesia is the largest market for gaming in Southeast Asia with 43.7 million gamers spending a total of US$880 million a year. It is also the No.1 fastest growing market for games in Southeast Asia

In the first phase, Mfun announced exclusive partnerships with Agate Studio - the top game developer in Indonesia, Duniaku.net – the top gaming publisher in Indonesia and Yogrt – one of the top social apps in Indonesia. The partnerships will give more than 20 million gamers the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency - Mfun tokens. These tokens can then be used for any in-app purchases on any other games on the Mfun platform. This form of reward will also entice gamers to try out new games from local game developers as they look to reduce ineffective advertising spent.

Features of Mfun
Features of Mfun

$2.2 billion

#1 Fastest growing market +30% annual growth

Southeast Asia and the Gaming Market

With a population of 650 million people, Southeast Asia ranks number 3 in Asia among sub-regions ranked by population, after China and India.

The booming gaming market in Southeast Asia is continuing its super growth trajectory. According to Statista, PC Online and mobile gaming revenue in South East Asia hit over US$2.2 billion in 2017 with expectations that it will reach over US$4 billion by 2021. The number of PC online and mobile gamers in SEA is projected to reach 300 million by the end of 2017, rising to more than 400 million by 2021.

This is a perfect time for game developers and publishers looking to expand in the region, thanks to increased mobile penetration and a high level of engagement amongst local players.

Indonesia’s enormous population of 260 million accounts for 40% of the entire Southeast Asian population. While Indonesia still has the lowest internet penetration rate in the region, its status as the No. fastest growing market for games in Southeast Asia indicates huge future growth potential.

According to Newzoo, Indonesia is also the largest market for gaming in the region with 43.7 million gamers spending a total of US$880 million a year.

Mfun Blockchain Rewards Platform

Mfun is a blockchain rewards platform designed to capture more value within the digital ecosystem and redistribute the value to content providers and users.

Mfun wants to solve the three main inefficiencies in the digital economy which are (1) users are not rewarded for their time spent on apps, (2) content providers are not able to monetize their advertising spend and (3) lack of transparency or trust.

By redesigning the transaction flows within the ecosystem, Mfun will create efficiencies by bypassing middlemen and re-distributing the value that create incentives for gamers, developers and publishers to foster closer collaboration.

A cryptocurrency, Mfun Tokens will be created to enable transactions within the Mfun Ecosystem.

Mfun tokens (“MFUN Tokens”) are ERC-20 compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-20 smart contract. Mfun is meant for use in the Mfun blockchain platform to perform transactions in the Mfun Ecosystem.

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