Top 7 Best Bitcoin Games Tested and Reviewed of 2021

For all the gaming enthusiasts keen to dabble in cryptos, there is good news. There are many Bitcoin gaming sites now where you can play online games on your smartphones and earn rewards as Bitcoins. There are various registered and regulated bitcoin casinos that give the best bonuses, which is a godsend for gamblers and game enthusiasts. Here are some of the most popular Bitcoin games for 2021:

  1. Spark Profit: This is an interactive app, available on both Android and iOS devices, that simulates financial trading and lets you make predictions on prices of cryptos and real-money markets. If you can make accurate predictions, you can earn more rewards as Bitcoins. The site was started in 2013 and has so far given away almost half a million USD. Users can enjoy weekly payouts and access tutorials and other resources for handy tips and tricks on how to trade successfully. You can enjoy both a mobile and computer version of this game and earn nearly $100 each week. It is meant for people with a knack for market price speculations. If you are looking for a straightforward trading platform, eToro serves as a simple crypto trading platform with copy trading as USP. It serves as an exchange as well as a broker. With an integrated wallet you can store up to 160 cryptocurrencies by trading in this platform. Go through this etoro erfahrung to learn about variety of investment opportunities you can have with eToro app.
  2. Bitcoin Alien Run: This popular Bitcoin game available on both iOS and Android lets you enjoy a 2D runner game to earn Bitcoins as you play on-the-go on your smartphones. Your job is to accompany Daniel D’Alien on his daily missions and complete these. Players enjoy payouts on Tuesday and can access round-the-clock customer support services.
  3. Spells of Genesis: This free game has been around for many years and includes both arcade-style and trading card game features. You can collect, sell, and combine orbs for designing a powerful game play deck and then test this against other players as you explore Askian, a mythical world. players get to own in-game items or cards and can earn BTC as they play; they can also get blockchain cards which may be stored on this blockchain or trades outside.
  4. Satoshi Quiz: This free online Bitcoin game lets you earn Bitcoins by replying to questions under different categories. When you answer a question correctly, you can earn 1000 Satoshis. For winning BTC you have to sign in and be amongst the first 3 players to answer correctly. Prizes are given away based on a tiered system. Payments are processed on a weekly basis. Players can engage in live chats, enjoy faucet options, and even get a premium account.
  5. Bitcoin Flip: This is a leading exchange simulator game letting you learn crypto trading fundamentals. It is free and you can digitally trade multiple digital assets like BTC, XML, and ETH. Players can access real-time prices, tools, and charts to learn crypto trading basics. Unlike other Bitcoin games this will not give cryptos to users as reward but it is perfect for those starting out in Bitcoin trading.
  6. Roller Coin: This is a popular BTC mining simulator game whereby you can compete against others for earning Bitcoins. It is based on the Bitcoin mining concept but instead of computing, it makes you do specific tasks for testing your skills. You may engage in side missions or do mini-tasks to enhance your mining powers. With Roller Coin you can get block rewards after every 5 minutes that is distributed amongst all players.
  7. Altcoin Fantasy: This is a free crypto trading simulator game for you to learn trading crypto assets. The interface is more like a sports website and there are monthly and weekly competitions whereby players can win cryptos like BTC, ETH, etc. You get to trade USD virtually and win Bitcoins through this app that is available on both Android and iOS.